Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Deserve a Ferrari

Yes, it is cheesy but I like it.  I need more hair..... Artist: Farrell Hamann
Endorsed by The Montecito Cheese Rats and Bitey the Cat 
Фарел Hamann, американски художник, писател, изследовател, и най-добрият приятел на български език.
Bitey Cats, cupcakes, and candles.  In Bitey Palace

This image is not flattering.  No way to treat the World's greatest artist.  Tell wife, with eyes blue like the Ellensburg Agate.  She won't listen.  FREEDOM!
Recently I was featured in the Sacramento Bee but the pug dog and my wife's boobs stole the show!  

At bottom you will find links to art images at Flickr, Twitpic, Picasa, etc. CLICKHERE. 
This is my Granite Bay/Sacramento ART Services site.

Farrell Hamann holds very old bottle Chivas Regal purchased wedding day AND wedding flowersBit puffy around the eyes in this photo. Must be the flowers.  In the background, you can see my gargoyle vase.  I think it looks a bit like that asshole, Glenn Beck.  (Glenn Beck has the crazy eye!!  You ever see him in action?)  Thank Rupert (Old Constipated) Murdoch for foisting Beck on the airwaves.  I figure that Beck and Rush Limbaugh crap symbolically for old Rupert.


Get first shot at my famous, $1,000,000 huge art collection.

The Exulted One fighting evil with his trusty turdrifle
Start Uppity
Marc Maron's Podcast, WTF!!!
Montecito Cheese Rat

Magnus the Pug (Chicklet) held by wife with eyes blue like the Ellensburg agate.
Creamy the Cat creeping around "Gold Monument", "Copper Monument", acrylic wall hanging, and "Old Tower"  in artist's home/Studio in Sacramento #Sacramento Haha. Creamy Cat sometimes likes to crush my hand with his powerful Bitey jaws and sharp teeth.

Mia the crazy but lovable pug dog.

Wife's "pimped out" shopping cart.  Lined with hardware cloth so apples and oranges won't fall out.  Is cool! 
My life is a cry for help, people, support the artist/writer, need art patron, angel.  Thank you.  The Exulted One (Bless you!) No, really! EMAIL ARTIST

Now the artist is making a cool drum/echo machine (ball) world's only!
Pay attention here, drummers.  Custom paint jobs available also.  Rockers, Bands, Music

Please buy art/drums, whatever, people.  Wife is tired of us living like cockroaches (Creampuff the Jaguar car doesn't count, plus it is getting old.)

Funky pic of artist near Jaguar car.  Not his Jag (S-Type)  Maybe not material for, haha
Not homo-erotic ether, no no.  I think the man boobs to prominent in this snap. Many of my pants are way too baggy. The ass hangs down in the back.  That's not good.... 

Old Butthairs, himself. or you can call me The Exulted One if you prefer
I do want the Ferrari.  It must be red and in reasonably good condition.  Accepting donations now. Some billionaire in Montecito would do good to donate one, after, all, look all that I have done for Montecito!  I hand made some of those huge estate gates there when I did iron work and welding.
 Taking a break now to eat a peach!  Ah, the luscious fruit of the Gods...

Wondering if my "piss off millionaires" technique is going to help sell my huge art collection.  More likely, they would like me as the designated butt boy.  In spite of my bald head and not being photogenic, women have always found me to be "hot".  Hahahahaha, Funny.
Oh, by the way, no way in hell are you going to get me to play Farmville.   I will not send you chickens, horses, cows, pigs, ducks, hay, donkeys, mules, grain, or any other farm animal.  Nada, nothing, zilch. Still, I do love tractors, I had a Kubota.  My next tractor will be electric like my HCF Pacelite 707 electric scooter.
Intercepted Video Transmission from CIA, NSA, or some other secret agency.
J'ai peut ressembler à un zombie mais je suis un gars amour chérie
Ich mag wie ein Zombie aussehen, aber ich bin ein Schatz lieben Kerl
Я может выглядеть как зомби, но я парень возлюбленной любви

Привет, вы можете увидеть мои видео на моем канале YouTube: farrellhamann

Farrell Hamann
     Bildender Künstler, Bildhauer, Schriftsteller, Comedy-Videos (YouTube) ich Schriftsteller Akte hatte mit der Tonight Show (circa Carson) und Kunstwerken im Weißen Haus Collection, dem Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, die Petaluma Museum hat Oprah Winfrey ein meiner Mosaik Eier. usw. "Unique Collection" des J. Paul Getty Museum. "Eine Welt der visuellen Edelsteine" Sacramento Bee (Encore) "amerikanische Version der Faberge-Eier" KCRA-TV, "Beautiful" Oprah Winfrey. Ich habe schon viele Male im Fernsehen erscheinen, und in den Printmedien. Mein YouTube-Kanal: farrellhamann auch auf Facebook. Kann siehe Bilder bei Flickr, Picasa, Twitpic, d'ART, Google, etc. Ich habe eine große Kunstsammlung. Arbeiten umfassen Schlösser, Türme, Mosaiken, Gemälden, Skulpturen und vieles mehr. Auch dies schriftlich Humor. High Score Klout

Puing-puing, tidak istimewa, hanya gundukan, timbunan, tumpukan, dan tumpukan puing. Tidak mewah puing-puing seperti mereka ada di Mesir, hanya puing-puing. Bagaimana anda menolak?

Boo Hoo Hoo 

Celtic Cross

Twitter: @farrellhamann
youtube channel: farrellhamann

Hope Limbaugh and Glenn Beck choke on each other's pubic hairs, if any.

Note: I'm going to start selling my flat marble toy spiral via the net very soon (hand held for kids older that 4 1/2 due to choking hazard) Don't have any made up yet but will soon. Each one will be different. Don't have pay pal so you'll have to pay by money order or silver, perhaps personal check until and if I get Paypal. Have some other ideas in the works for gifts and what nots. I'm thinking I need an inexpensive line of art and that's what's motivating me.  These toys would make great Christmas or birthday gifts or just to have around as sculpture.

Below: Latex mold for making spiral marble toys, I've made a number of these and they are great toys and help with hand eye. The finished marble spiral will be approximately 12 1/2 inches across. For Price, I thinking $32 shipped in USA or $55 for two. You can always arrange to pick up in person in Sacramento and see my huge art collection (giant spheres, obelisks, castles, chateau, paintings, wall hangings, large marble toys)

Latex rubber mold made by artist for casting 12 1/2 inch spiral marble toys

Also: I'm going to start taking writing assignments again so let me know what your needs are.

Phone: 916-641-7696

Shadow Cherry

Send $1.00 to artist and you can copy or use any image on this site except the Celtic Cross image and not for commercial use) Send you dollar to:

Farrell Hamann
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